Friday, June 21 2024

Larissa, Greece on alert - Risk of Pinios river flooding


The city of Larissa, especially the districts near the river 'Pinios', is on alert today, Friday ,as there is a high risk of flooding. Firefighters are evacuating the residents of the areas as the water level has risen dangerously, with many houses already flooded.

HDN Newsroom

A message via the emergency number 112 was sent to the residents of Giannouli and the government-subsidized housing area in order to evacuate and head towards Tyrnavos and Larissa due to the overflowing of the 'Pinios' river.

Early on Friday, a message was sent to the villages of Farkadona, Klokoto, Georganades and Petroporos in order to move due to possible overflowing of the 'Pinios' river.