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Lesvos: Authorities try with leaflets to persuade the immigrants to enter the new hot spot

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum is trying to persuade those living on the street and around the highway but also in the courtyards, even on the roofs of businesses in the area, to enter the new structure.


With a leaflet prepared in their language, everyone will be informed that the only way to leave the island is to enter the new structure, be medically tested and identified.

Since Monday morning the asylum applications that are examined are only of those who have entered the new structure.

Meanwhile, 14 refugees and illegal immigrants were tested positive for coronavirus before they entered the new hot spot structure.

The Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Notis Mitarakis, stressed the following:

“Entering the new structure is not optional. It is mandatory. When someone has entered our country, he is obliged to respect its laws. No pressure will not change this policy.

Those eligible for international protection will travel and obtain travel documents as required by law. Beyond that, we will not allow a few -whom the police know very well- to cause problems.

Anyone who wants to leave should normally go through the asylum procedure and only if they have a positive decision will they be able to leave.

“The state is responsible for the protection of the local population of the islands, the rapid separation of the refugees from economic migrants, the deportation of those who are not entitled to international protection, the closed centers of the islands, the reduction of benefits and the control of NGOs”.



At the same time, efforts are being made to tackle the group of Afghan illegal immigrants, whose asylum applications have been rejected and who terrorize fire-affected migrants by preventing them from entering the new Kara Tepe structure.

Apart from the threats, this group spreads false information among them that a mass departure is imminent if they persist and remain on the highway, believing that this is the only way for them to leave the island as well.