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Man 45 dead from heart failure in the wildfire at Stamata, Greece

stamata fire

The wildfire that broke out in Stamata Attica is developing into a tragedy as a 45-year-old resident, who had earlier inhaled smoke and was transferred to the Health Center of Kapandriti, breathed his last from a heart attack, a few minutes ago.

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Tragically ended the attempt of a 45-year-old man to move away from the fire in Stamata.

The 45-year-old appears to have suffered a cardiac arrest either while trying to save his property or to move away from the area.

He was transferred to Kapandriti Medical Center but despite the doctors' efforts he died.

He is reportedly a 45-year-old man who suffered a cardiac arrest while trying to escape the fire

One person lost his life while the fire rages in Stamata.

He is reportedly a 45-year-old man who suffered a cardiac arrest while trying to escape the fire

Attempts were made to restore him and he was transferred to the health center of Kapandriti, but unfortunately it was not possible to bring him back to life.

Also, EKAV rushes to pick up a person with shortness of breath and fainting episode from the Dionysos stadium.

KAT hospital is on standby.

The fire broke out shortly after 16:00 (Greek time) on Sunday in a forest area in Stamata Attica.

According to the information, the fire was noticed by a drone of the Fire Brigade flying over the area.

Strong forces of the Fire Brigade were at the scene in order to contain the front of the fire, as there are houses in the area and the winds in the area were quite strong.

To extinguish the front, 106 firefighters with 24 vehicles, six teams of hikers, while 11 aircraft and 7 helicopters are dropping.

At the same time, earthmoving machines are in the area to help the work of firefighters and contain the fire front, creating firebreaks.

The General Secretary of the Federation of Fire Brigade Employees, Nikos Lavranos, talks about an extremely difficult situation in Stamata.

"There is a battle to bring down the front before nightfall," he told ERT, warning that the flames were near settlements. The fire is burning in urban and forest areas, which hinders the efforts of the Fire Brigade," he stressed.

Fire in Stamata: Settlements are evacuated, messages of "112" - More than 1.5 km the fire frontSettlements are evacuated, messages of "112" in Stamata

"We have to deal with strong winds, strong gusts and constant changes of wind direction," says Mr. Lavranos.

Watch a drone video of the front of the fire in Stamata:

Emergency alerts were sent to local residents by "112" of the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection.