Saturday, June 15 2024

Most people accept masks, 42 pct say they will get the Covid-19 jab, survey shows

A study by Athens University of Economics and Business tracking the attitudes of the public to vaccines and their behavior after two lockdowns, showed that 42% said they will get the jab and that most are complying with restrictions.  


The study sampling 3,571 people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds from across Greece, showed that 68% said they practise physical distancing, 86% wear a mask and 90% send an SMS to move around.


A majority of 63% of respondents said they choose a fabric mask, versus one in three who opt for a disposable, non-surgical, version.

Another 58% said they leave home “when this is necessary.”

“Women are a little bit more consistent, while older respondents are significantly more consistent,” explains Marina Psiloutsikou, member of the laboratory teaching staff who was in charge of the survey.

The survey also saw a drop in people’s trust towards the state, with only 39% saying they trusted it, compared to 57% in April this year when the first lockdown was in place.

These rates showed no differentiation between the sexes or the place of residence.


At the same time, 85 out of 100 respondents said they trust their own judgement above all.

When it comes to the Covid-19 vaccines, only 42 percent of those asked said they are ready to be inoculated. The vaccine and the vaccination process are seen more positively by women and older people.

“Fear of side effects and doubts about its effectiveness are the main reasons for hesitation towards vaccination. However, one in three people in the population believe that the vaccine should be mandatory for everyone,”  said Psiloutsikou.

Providing an opportunity to choose between the Covid-19 vaccines that will become available “will encourage those who are already favourably disposed about it, and impact negatively those who already have reservations,” she added.