Thursday, June 20 2024

NATO to unite in solidarity with Israel against Hamas, asks Greek Defence Minister

Dendias 2

Greek Defence Minister Nikos Dendias has reaffirmed Greece’s solidarity with Israel in the wake of “Hamas’ barbaric attack,” urging all NATO alliance members to unite in solidarity with Israel against the terrorists of Hamas.

HDN Newsroom

In comments to journalists ahead of NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, Dendias emphasized that Greece understands the legitimate expectations of the Palestinians in line with United Nations Security Council resolutions.

“However, acts of barbarism, such as the one perpetrated by Hamas, directly undermine these very expectations,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, the Greek defense minister added, “Greece has unambiguously stood beside the state of Israel in this tragic situation. All member states within our alliance should do the same. NATO is not solely a defensive alliance but a coalition of shared values. Hamas’ barbaric attack directly violates the core principles that NATO must uphold, including human rights, human dignity, and security. Every member country in the alliance should express a clear and unwavering stance on this matter.”