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New arrival of illegal migrants in Crete: Over 200 people last weekend

illegal migrants crete

A migrant rescue operation took place in a sea area south of Crete yesterday in Crete. According to information, a boat with about 80-85 migrants was spotted south of Kali Limenes.

HDN Newsroom

In recent days, increased flows of migrants and refugees have been recorded in Crete. From Saturday until this morning, four caravans arrived with a total of 214 migrants.

Migration Minister Dimitris Kairidis spoke to SKAI about the increase in arrivals, admitting that there is a problem and announcing his arrival in Crete.

"We don't have infrastructure in Crete to manage this situation. They are hosted in open spaces, or in a children's camp outside Chania," he said. He also said that this mobility has been observed in Crete since last November and "caution is needed". These are, as he said, mainly Egyptians, economic migrants.

Meanwhile, four foreigners, aged 22, 25, 26 and 36, were arrested after 91 migrants were found and rescued on the Greek island of Gavdos on Saturday afternoon.

Continuous arrivals of illegal migrants are recorded on the southern coast of Crete, with the situation taking alarming proportions.

Yesterday, Monday (March 11th), 24 migrants were spotted on the beach of Agios Ioannis in Kapetaniana, Municipality of Gortys, marking the fifth "boat" to arrive on the island since last Saturday.

In total, more than 200 people arrived in Crete over the weekend alone, raising concerns among authorities and local authorities. The lack of temporary accommodation combined with the lack of resources to care and feed migrants makes it difficult to deal with the situation.

The continuous increase in migratory flows in Crete is testing the island's resilience. An immediate and effective response from the State is required, aiming at the smooth management of the crisis and the protection of human lives.