Saturday, June 15 2024

New Chinese ambassador sees great opportunities for Sino-Greek relations


The new Chinese ambassador to Greece, Xiao Juncheng, sent the message that there are great opportunities and broad prospects for the development of the Greek-Sino relations in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) on Monday.


The 16th ambassador of China to Greece, who arrived in the country a month ago, said that he is fascinated by the warmth and sincerity of the Greek people and ancient Greek culture, and is determined to do whatever he can to promote what has been agreed between the two countries, to make fresh progress and to bring Greek-Chinese relations to a new high level.

Regarding the current level of Greek-Chinese relations, he pointed out that during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Greece in 2019, the two countries inaugurated a new era with the signing of the joint statement on Strengthening the Overall Strategic Partnership.

He also conveyed the message that international investors, including the Chinese, are optimistic about the development prospects of Greece and that Chinese companies are eager to invest in our country.

Regarding Greek exports to China, Juncheng noted that there is a strong upward trend with broad prospects. In particular, he said that in 2020 they increased by 6.6%, while in the first half of 2021 Greek exports to China increased by 43.2%. 

Commenting on this trend, the ambassador said that China wants more high quality Greek products to enter its market, making a special reference to Kozani saffron, olive oil, red wine and dairy products. In fact, he believes that new opportunities are created for the export of many Greek products to China with the China-EU Agreement on Geographical Indications, which entered into force in March.

Regarding the image of Greece as a tourist destination, he said that it is attractive for the Chinese because of its long history and culture, the beautiful natural landscape and its simple but vibrant people. In addition, he expressed his country’s desire to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation.