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New legislation package to speed up the administration of justice and improve trial efficiency in Greece

Justice Ministry
Greek Ministry of Justice  
The Greek Ministry of Justice is expected to present a package of measures, in the coming days, in order to speed up the administration of criminal justice, as this was part of the pre-election pledges of the current Greek government.
HDN Newsroom
The aim, according to the Minister of Justice Giorgos Floridis, is to ensure that citizens get justice quickly and effectively.
Regulations regarding adjournments due to illness and lawyers’ unfulfilled commitments will be significantly stricter.
The package of changes includes also steps to deter frivolous litigation.
The composition of the courts will also change, and the time needed to prepare cases for trial will be cut in half in order to free up more human resources. The legislative initiative will be supported by modifications to the terms of release and the efficient execution of punishments.
The package covers the entire spectrum of the criminal procedure, starting from the pre-prosecution stage and extending to the serving of sentences for all offenses, whether misdemeanors or felonies.
The changes will have an impact on thousands of citizens who are involved every year in court proceedings and have first-hand experience of the incredible delays, the adjournments upon adjournments, the stress about the timing of a decision and, not least, the frequent shortcomings in the administration of justice. 
Regarding the thousands of complaints filed every year, the plan will ensure that unfounded or blatantly false lawsuits and those filed with malice or gross negligence will be shelved by the prosecutor. However, anyone who insists that their case should go ahead will have to pay a fee of €600.
As far as reducing postponements in criminal trials, only one adjournment will be given in the future, and will be for eight months maximum.