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Nikos Hardalias will run for Attica governor with ND support

nikos xardalias
Nikos Hardalias, the current deputy defense minister, will be running for the position of Attica regional governor in the upcoming local elections, supported by New Democracy, as per the announcement that was made today, Monday.
HDN Newsroom
The decision to back Hardalias came after controversy arose over a video showing the incumbent governor, Giorgos Patoulis, dancing at an event the day after the death of two firefighting pilots in Evia, while numerous wildfires were still raging.
Patoulis had been elected in 2018 with the support of the conservative party. It remains uncertain whether he will seek re-election in the Attica region as an independent candidate.
Sources indicate that Nikos Hardalias, who previously served as the mayor of Vyronas for 11 years, has been discussing the possibility of running for Attica governor a year and a half ago.