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Odysseus’s Ithaca – Five beautiful beaches you must visit

Odysseus’s Ithaca – Five beautiful beaches you must visit

Ithaca is one of those hidden gems that Greece has to offer the inquiring traveller. The island, known as the Kingdom of famous Odysseus from Homer’s Epic Odyssey, is located on the west coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea.

It gives off a relaxed, easy-going vibe, while its many natural vistas are certain to captivate the visitor. As for the beaches, one could say that they are not getting the attention they deserve. Granted they do have some serious competition from neighbouring Kefalonia or Lefkada, but they are still worth enjoying regardless.

In almost all the island’s beaches, you will find pebbles, small and large, while there is little infrastructure, which will delight those who love the free beaches and the unspoiled landscape without umbrellas and sunbeds. So, if you are visiting the island, having an umbrella is a must. Many of the beaches of the island are more easily accessible by boat. You will find plenty of organised day trips to them.


It is the busiest and cosmopolitan beach on the island. Its crystal-clear blue waters are the main reason it draws most tourists. You can literally see the seabed with its large stones from the surface. Just behind the beach, there is an olive grove where you can relax under the shade. Otherwise, the beach is organised with umbrellas and sunbeds and the beach bar serves in addition to coffee and fruit juice, and food.

The pebble is large and you may need an elastic waterproof shoe to move more comfortably. You will most likely need this type of footwear on all the beaches of the island, most of which are pebbly.

Platys Ammos

The northernmost beach of the island is for many the most impressive. It is one of the few that has sand and in fact white and fine, a fact that together with the clear blue waters, makes it reminiscent of Seychelles. It is not accessible by land and you can only get here by boat or ferry from Frikes or Kioni. It is not organised, and has little natural shade so it would be a good idea to come equipped with an umbrella and water. Note that there are regular rockfalls and bathers should be especially careful.


This long beach has crystal clear turquoise waters reminiscent of the Caribbean and pines that nearly touch the waters. Many rightly call it the best beach in Ithaca. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds for rent and a canteen for essentials. There is no road to the beach and the options to get here are two: either by boat from the port of Ithaca where you will enjoy the route seeing the coastline from the sea, or by car to the beach of Skinos and following a relatively easy half hour path through pine trees.


A small bay surrounded by green. This beach is a good choice if you want a quick dip as it is only 2.5 km from Vathi and the road reaches the beach.

On the first beach, you will see boats and a small canteen, but if you move to the right, you will see a short and easy path that will lead you to the second and larger one. It is not organised and it would be good to have the necessary things (water and umbrella). The beach has pebbles and turquoise waters.

Aspros Gialos

It owes its name to the off-white pebbles and you will find it on the road from Vathi to Stavros. You will park, go down several steps and you will see the beautiful bay with rocks on the right and left. It does not have a canteen or beach bar but there are a few umbrellas and sunbeds available for rent. Pebbles may be difficult for you, so it is good to have beach shoes with an umbrella because there is no shade. The waters are deep blue and crystalline. If you have a mask with you, the seabed will fascinate you while you can explore the rocks on the beach. When the weather is clear, you will see Kefalonia in the background.

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