Thursday, July 18 2024

Opening date of schools in Greece to be re-assessed after concerns raised by expert committee

Greek authorities are re-assessing the date for the opening of schools in the country after the epidemiological experts reportedly expressed concerns about the persistence of high numbers of Covid-19.

Initially it had been decided for the schools to open on September 7 the the members of the committee of infectious diseases might recommend pushing back the date to September 14, as they estimate the epidemiological burden of the coronavirus in Greece is still strong.

Over the past few days the daily report by the National Organisation of Public Health (EODY) has consistently recorded more than 200 cases each day, something that has troubled the experts who have not seen the positive effects of the recent measures put in place.

“At the moment we are waiting to see to what extent the measures enforced will have over the immediate future”, Gikas Majorkinis, Professor at the Laboratory of Hygiene and Epidemiology of Medicine, told and


Last week, two meetings of the Education and Religious Affairs ministry took place with the members of the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health against COVID-19, while on Monday details are expected to be announced on how all the educational structures supervised by the Ministry of Education and Religions will implement the recommended measures, including the use of masks by the students and teachers.

It is still unclear how the Distance Education structure, which was developed in a short time to deal with the pandemic, will play any supporting role in the prevention against the spread of the virus.