Friday, May 24 2024

Over 114,200 register for EU election postal voting with one week to go

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More than 114,200 voters have registered for mail-in balloting in the June 9 European Parliament elections, surpassing last year’s turnout from abroad, according to Greece’s Interior Ministry.

HDN Newsroom

Participation is expected to increase further as the platform enters its final week of operation.

Within Greece, 80,908 voters have opted for postal ballots, reflecting significant domestic interest in this method. The government’s intention to extend postal voting to general elections has likely contributed to this trend.

Meanwhile, more than 33,350 registered voters reside outside Greece, with the majority located in Europe.

Notably, this election marks the first time all Greek expatriates, regardless of their place of residence, can participate without restrictions.

A diverse range of age groups is represented, with citizens aged 41-60 constituting the largest portion of registrants at 39.6%. Younger and older demographics also show substantial engagement, highlighting widespread interest in postal voting across generations.

The online registration platform at will remain open until Monday, April 29.