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Pandemic showing signs of slowing

Pandemic showing signs of slowing

Despite the growing concern sparked by the Omicron variant, health authorities said Friday that the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic was indeed showing signs that it is on a downward trajectory, as the number of cases and intubations and new hospital admissions are gradually declining.

The National Public Health Organization (EODY) announced 4,766 new cases of Covid-19 and 85 deaths of patients diagnosed with the disease. The number of patients being treated by intubation was 684 (eight less than the day before yesterday), while the number of new admissions was significantly lower (319 compared to an average 364 admissions over the previous seven days).

Asked about mounting speculation in recent days about the possibility of new measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said, “This is a possibility that always remains on the table.” However, he told Skai Radio that he was optimistic this will not be the case, based on the encouraging data of the vaccination program and the fact that 80% of adults in Greece have been vaccinated.

Regarding mandatory vaccinations, Plevris stressed that it was imposed on citizens over 60 because they are the ones who are getting seriously ill and placing pressure on the National Health System. He clarified that if the obligation is extended, it will exclusively concern the groups of citizens that are deemed to be a burden on the National Health System. Meanwhile, the Panhellenic Medical Association reiterated that all citizens need to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the Omicron variant, which is expected to prevail.

To this end, it has launched a digital platform where citizens can find doctors who perform vaccinations at home, in an effort to speed up the vaccination program. It said that the platform is already in full operation, with hundreds of private doctors of different specializations, including children’s doctors, participating.