Friday, June 21 2024

PM highlights European identity of Greece


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted the vital importance of Greece’s European identity during the ceremony celebrating the 40th anniversary of Greece’s European Union accession on Thursday.


“The accession of Greece in Europe is a non-negotiable part of our country’s identity. However, this decision also enriched Europe as it marked the entry of the first country of the European South, who had experienced a dictatorial regime. Since then our common journey has been exciting,” he said, adding that “I do not believe there is any public sphere that did not benefit in some way from joining the European Union.”

Mitsotakis spoke of the important role of the EU as, not only a source of wealth, but as common source of values and principles on life, the economy, and society. However, he stressed that apart from the rights it bestows on its members, the EU also creates obligations.

“Today, Greece is at the European forefront with credibility and power,” he said, highlighting the improving economic condition in the country as well its role in various geopolitical challenges facing the Union, including migration and its contribution to pursuing peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.


The Greek prime minister also spoke of the future, including the “new normal” that will be ushered in following the end of the pandemic, stating his pride to be a driving force behind the creation of the European Recovery Fund.

“We can be a positive answer to the challenge of our generation,” he said.