Friday, June 14 2024

PM Mitsotakis spends Christmas with soldiers of Kasos

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited on Wednesday (Christmas Day) the remote island of Kasos.

The Prime Minister expressed the purpose for his visit via Instagram.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis - Kasos

“This Christmas I wanted to be next door to the locals, the Armed Forces personnel and the soldiers of Kasos. To send together a message of self-confidence, pride and a ruthless defence of our sovereign rights. Merry Christmas!”

“My presence here today, on this important day for Orthodoxy and at this important moment for our national rights, symbolises our unwavering belief that we will defend these rights and our national integrity by using any available means” noted the Prime Minister.

“Christmas is a day of joy, happiness and peace, and Greece will always seek for the peaceful resolution of its differences with its neighbouring countries. We have full confidence in our rights and always move with total respect to international law because we know that rights are on our side. In parallel, we are sending a message of self-confidence and pride. A message of unwavering defence of our sovereign rights” said Mitsotakis.

The premier underlined the country’s commitment to dialogue. “I strongly believe that through dialogue we can find solutions to matters that have been pending for decades, but this dialogue should not be carried out under pressure, blackmailing and provocative actions from the neighbouring countries. We are here to reaffirm our faith in international law but also our full trust in the Greek Armed Forces’ deterrence strategies”.

Addressing the residents of Kassos Mitsotakis pledged on a new reduction on the ENFIA (Property Taxation).

“There will be interventions towards this direction and in the context of our new policy for the taxation on real estate there will be a special provision for a significant reduction on ENFIA for the small islands. It’s the least we can do for now to offer additional relief in terms of every household’s budget” he said.