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PM Mitsotakis: We can reach 5 million vaccinations by the end of May


“The extremely difficult exercise of the period is to restore normalcy in the economy and society while dealing with health rules. It is an equation with two catalytic factors. On the one hand the vaccinations and on the other the behaviour of the citizens, but also of the people in the production sector. It is a bet that I am sure we will win”, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his introductory statement at the cabinet meeting on Monday.

As he stressed, “the first data are encouraging. Most of our fellow citizens seem to understand the importance of avoiding Easter travel. And everyone welcomed with maturity and discipline the gradual opening of certain economic activities. At the same time, the “Freedom” campaign is expanding, from tomorrow the over 30s age group will enter the battle. We are approaching 3,000,000 vaccinations. And if we stick to our plan, at the end of May, we can reach 5,000,000″.

“Each of our new steps must be done safely, that is, with continuous self-test, with social distancing, with mask-wearing, with personal hygiene. So that what opens in the country does not have to close again”, the Prime Minister noted.

On the economic front and the recent tax breaks announced he said: “We are giving back to the middle class what the previous government deprived it of. And at the same time with the planning of tomorrow, we are correcting the injustices of yesterday”.

Regarding the course and the prospects of the Greek economy, he noted: “The recent upgrade of the creditworthiness of our economy proves to us, I believe, that we are on the right path. This (upgrade) is what the bill for the facilitation of small and medium entrepreneurship that we will discuss today is aimed at”.