Saturday, June 15 2024

Prosecutor to intervene in university occupations


Prosecutors in Athens will take action against student protesters who have occupied universities in recent days as well as university administrators who have failed to take action against illegal activity on their campuses.


The head of Athens’ prosecutor’s office has instructed his officials to investigate occupations, vandalism, disruption of operations and the use of violence on campus grounds on the part of the occupying students.

University administrators and rectors may face charges for dereliction of duty for failing to prevent the occupations.

The university sit-are being held in protest at plans to found officially recognized private universities in Greece.

 The protests have raised concerns among students and their parents that upcoming examinations will be jeopardized, while the education minister has urged academic authorities to hold semester exams online.

The intervention by the prosecutor’s office signals a strong reaction on behalf of the state against the occupations.

It follows calls from students and parents who do not wish to see universities shut down, some of whom have said they intend to file lawsuits against those responsible.