Sunday, June 23 2024

Sailing coaches in Greece rescued more than 130 people from wildfires!

 sailing coaches volos fire
Coaches at a youth sailing competition in Greece helped rescue more than 130 people from wildfires. The coaches were part of the International Laser Class Association 4 Youth World Championships in Volos.
As racing concluded they joined a beach rescue operation across the bay in Nea Anchialos to evacuate residents and wildlife.
About 60 boats helped to take people back to Volos. No sailors and coaches were injured.
"The selfless and quick reaction of the coaches was inspiring to see," said ILCA field operations officer Andrus Poksi.
Labis Tsoukalas, president of the nautical club of Volos and Argonauts, said: "We're very proud to have been able to contribute to the life-saving operation in the way we know best as sailors."
More than 40 people have died in Greece from wildfires, which continue on the islands of Rhodes, Corfu and Evia.
Extreme heat has caused wildfires across Mediterranean coastlines and the sailing championships were paused until the heatwave subsided.
Areas in central Greece have come under threat in the past week, with evacuation orders issued around Volos and Lamia.