Saturday, June 15 2024

Sudden storm floods Evia; elderly couple, baby found dead

An 86-year-old man and his wife, 85, as well as an 8-month-old baby, have been found dead in their flooded homes on the island of Evia, in central Greece, after a storm hit the island overnight, authorities say.

The couple and the baby were found in separate homes in the village of Politika, north of the city of Halkida, about 100 kilometers from Athens.

According to the fire service, they have responded to 139 calls, of which 35 concerned people trapped in their homes and cars. The rest were calls to drain flooded homes. Some people have climbed to the rooftops of their homes, whileothers, caught by the sudden flood in the street, have climbed up olive trees.

When the storm first broke out around midnight, the fire service had to respond to about 50 fires caused by lightning.

The worst of the flooding is now to be found south of Halkida, in the areas of Bourtzi and Lefkanti. The storm is expected to abate around noon.