Monday, July 22 2024

Suspected arson for the wildfires outside Athens

 fire koropi

Civil protection minister Vassilis Kikilias said officials have verified indications that the fire near Athens was the result of arson as well as extreme weather conditions. Mr. Kikilias said there is a video and photos of the suspected arsonist and authorities will publish them.

HDN Newsroom

In Koropi, a storage facility and at least one home were burned while flames crept into a boat dry dock and across fields of dry grass and olive trees.

Authorities evacuated two nearby villages. Volunteer and professional firefighters dragged hoses over blackened fields in 35C heat.

Much of the area has had no rain for weeks, leaving large areas bone dry.

Six firefighting planes, 16 helicopters, dozens of fire engines and more than 150 firefighters were dispatched to the scene, the fire service said.

Several hundred firefighters were deployed to battle more than 60 forest fires across the country, with 16 fires still active, including a big one in Peloponnese.

High winds and hot temperatures will extend the risk today, Thursday.

Wildfires broke out in the Varimpompi area of east Attica and in the Kokkinos Mylos area of Acharnai, west Attica on Thursday.

In Varimpompi, some 45 firefighters with 11 vehicles were dispatched to the scene. Additionally, three airplanes and three helicopters are assisting from the air.

Traffic in Tatoiou street was redirected due to the fire.

In Kokkinos Mylos, the fire is blazing inside a creek. Firefighters have already been deployed to the area. It is reported that waterbombing airplanes and helicopters will also be dispatched to the scene.