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Syrian-Turk militant arrested in Athens – See the photos

A strange incident with a Turk some weeks ago on Athens Avenue signaled a police alarm, OPEN TV reported. It all happened in mid-December after police randomly searched a car in which the man was with a Greek woman.

The alarm came from photos found by the police when they searched his mobile phone.

Photos shows the 32-year-old holding weapons.

The arrested individual has dual citizenship – Syrian and Turkish – and the photos were likely taken on battle fronts in Syria, according to police.

Naturally, the police were alarmed by the photos of the Syrian-Turk and deferred the case to the Counter-Terrorism Department of the Attica Security Directorate, where they carried out thorough checks on the arrested.

According to the report of Eulambia Revi for OPEN TV, no incriminating evidence was found against him and his name does not appear – according to the same sources – in any red list of International Security Authorities.

During the search, a knife was found and he resisted the police.

It was later discovered that he was living illegally in Greece and his deportation was ordered.

The Greek woman had a false identity.

She is said to be familiar with authorities because of older case regarding illegal trafficking of immigrants, for which, based on reliable sources, she was allegedly convicted.

See the photos in the report by Eulambia Revi.