Speaking with reporter Giannis Moutsios, Shaheen continued the public relations campaign of presenting the Taliban as moderates and as liberators of the Afghani people assuring his compatriots that there is no reason to leave the country nor  fear them.

Shaheen insisted that the Taliban aim to build a new Afghanistan replete with freedoms for all its citizens including women who he said will be able to “…continue their education; continue to work and girls can go to school,” adding that the only mandatory requirement would be for women and girls to wear the hijab.

When asked about the possibility of foreign armed forces remaining in Afghanistan beyond the scheduled deadline of August 31, the Taliban spokesperson warned that if foreign forces did not comply with the agreed arrangements there will be repercussions.

When probed whether these repercussions could be a military response, Shaheen refused to give a clear answer saying the manner of response would be for the Taliban leadership to decide.