Friday, May 24 2024

The criminal organization of hooligans who killed policeman Lyggeridis to be prosecuted this weekend

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An announcement for the completion of the operation that led to the dismantling of the criminal organization, which was involved in the attack against police officers in Rentis, resulting in the death of Chief Constable Georgios Lyggeridis, was issued by the Hellenic Police. Those arrested were taken to the public prosecutor's office.

HDN Newsroom

Among other things, the organization's activity dates back to at least 2019, with a core of eight people.

Their action on the night of the incidents in Rentis is also described, as well as in 14 other incidents, while photographs of the findings of police investigations are also published.

In total, from the searches carried out –among others- the following were found and seized:

2 pistols, pistol-pen, air pistols, 97 cartridge cases, imitation firearm, imitation submachine gun, firecrackers, knife, 1 kg and -210- grams of cannabis, 690 grams of cocaine and numerous pieces of evidence (clothing, flares, flare launchers, explosive device residues, etc.).

Those arrested were taken to the public prosecutor's office.

The sixty-seven suspects charged over a lethal attack on slain police officer Giorgos Doulgeridis after the end of a volleyball match in December, have been summoned to testify before the examining magistrates handling the case on Saturday and Sunday.

The entire process is expected to start on Saturday morning, when the suspects will be transferred to the courts so they can go before the five examining magistrates appointed to process them.

According to the case file, five of the suspects also face charges of leading a criminal organisation, as they hold senior positions in the operation of the organisation that investigators consider to be responsible for the specific actions linked to the team's sporting activities.

A total of 160 individuals have been implicated in connection with the case, with charges that include 12 serious criminal offences and scores of misdemeanours.

The violent death of the police officer is considered to be the result of an organised decision to attack police officer, taken by the leadership of the organisation and executed by its members.