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The European Council adopts key Greek positions on illegal immigration

 immigration greece
The Greek government is satisfied with the conclusions of the European Council on Migration, government sources said today. In statements after the end of the informal European Union leaders' summit in Brussels, the sources said the Council had adopted the basic Greek positions and recognised that the problem is European and needs a European response.
It also recognised the need for effective control of the EU's external borders, as it referred to land and sea borders and welcomed the efforts of frontline countries to guard the EU's external borders.
The same government sources added that the conclusions of the European Council declare its support for FRONTEX and specifically for its main mission, which is to support member-states in the protection of external borders, the fight against cross-border crime and the boost returns.
In fact, they call for the immediate activation of community resources to strengthen the capabilities and infrastructure of border control and the means of surveillance, including aerial ones.
The sources noted that, regarding the issue of returns, the Council conclusions underline the possibility of imposing visa-related measures against third countries that do not cooperate on the issue of returns. They focus on the need for effective returns to the countries of origin and condemn the attempts to instrumentalise migration for political ends.
Source: ANA-MPA