Thursday, July 18 2024

The Gorge of Neda listed for environmental protection

 the gorge of Neda

The Gorge of Neda, which separates the prefectures of Ilia and Messinia, in the southwestern Peloponnese, will be declared a protected landscape and natural formation, as the Greek Environment Ministry announced.

Deputy Minister Giorgos Amyras will sign a ministerial decision setting out the terms of protection for the area between the settlements of Stomio and Fygalia (municipality of Zacharo) and that of Platania (municipality of Trifylia). It will include a section of the gorge, the Stomio cave and the Neda River falls.

“Neda Gorge is an exquisitely beautiful but also fragile natural ecosystem in rural Peloponnese. It should have been placed under protection long ago. We have begun to environmentally restore areas that affect the gorge’s geomorphology, clearing away garbage and putting our focus on the sustainable management of the ecosystem,” Mr Amyras said.