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The spectacular OXI Day military parade in Thessaloniki (video)

parelasi thessaloniki

Greece commemorated "OXI Day," the anniversary of the nation's resistance to surrender in 1940, with a military parade in the heart of Thessaloniki today, Saturday.

HDN Newsroom

Formations of Hellenic Air Force fighter jets soared over the city, creating a spectacular aerial display. The newly acquired French-made Rafale fighter jets and the Marder 1A3 armored combat vehicles and TTOA M1117 reconnaissance vehicles captured the attention of the public during this year's OXI Day event in Thessaloniki. However, it wasn't just Rafales gracing the skies; the legendary Spitfire MJ755 aircraft left a lasting impression. The parade also featured a demonstration by the "Zeus" single aircraft air demonstration team.

Following the conclusion of the parade in Thessaloniki, President Sakellaropoulou remarked, "Greece will continue to assert its national rights and remain a bastion of stability and peace in our broader region."

She added, "Today, on the anniversary of the heroic 'OXI,' we pay tribute to those who fought and sacrificed for our freedom and acknowledge our debt to them. The Armed Forces, inspired by the spirit that united the Greeks in the crucial moments of our history, defend our non-negotiable rights.

"In the turbulent and ever-changing international landscape we inhabit, Greece will continue to emphasize its national rights and remain a pillar of stability and peace in our broader region," Sakellaropoulou emphasized.

Earlier in the day, she laid a wreath at the Army Corps of Thessaloniki's premises.

In Athens, hundreds of students from various schools marched in front of the 'Unknown Soldier' monument on Amalia Avenue during the OXI Day school parade. The sunny day drew thousands of citizens to the center of Athens to witness the students' parade.

Most cities in Greece also hold student parades while the Greek diaspora also commemorated this significant day.

Watch the Greek parade here