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Thessaloniki listed among the world’s best cities for remote working in 2021

With more people working from home due to COVID-19, Thessaloniki is among the world’s most attractive cities for remote workers, according to a ranking by Big 7 Travel.

Greece’s second largest city was ranked No. 16 worldwide.

The website characterises Thessaloniki as an ancient, picturesque city in the heart of the Mediterranean.

“Complete with vibrant food, friendly locals and stunning scenery… Here you’ll find reliable internet speeds of 15 Mbps, a high level of safety and a low cost of living.”

The Greek city also has “loads of charming cafes perfect for an afternoon of work along with the famous co-live and co-work space.”

Big 7 Travel looked at a variety of factors that are attractive to remote workers, including an affordable cost of living, fast wi-fi and amenities like parks and restaurants.

Top 20 Places for Remote Working in 2021
  1. Tallinn, Estonia
  2. Tbilisi, Georgia
  3. Belgrade, Serbia
  4. Bali, Indonessia
  5. Chiang Mai, Thailand 
  6. Berlin, Germany
  7. Singapore
  8. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  9. Hanoi, Vietnam
  10. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  11. Vancouver, Canada
  12. Saint Petersburg, Russia
  13. Istanbul, Turkey
  14. Austin, Texas
  15. Shanghai, China
  16. Thessaloniki, Greece
  17. Malta
  18. Vilnius, Lithuania
  19. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  20. Kyiv, Ukraine