Friday, June 21 2024

Tsipras resigns from SYRIZA leadership

tsipras resignation
Alexis Tsipras stepped down from the leadership of the major opposition party SYRIZA after the leftist party suffered a crushing defeat in Sunday’s elections.
Alexis Tsipras announced his decision during a press conference at Zappeio.
Tsipras announced the start of procedures for the election of a new leadership in the party from Zappeio, confirming the information that he had earlier submitted his resignation as president of SYRIZA to the members of the Executive Office that met today.
“The new SYRIZA is an immediate priority. And it’s not just about our party. It concerns the quality of our democracy, the resistance to the policies of the ND, the far-right front, and the neo-fascism that has found a place in the Greek Parliament. This conviction of mine about the need for a process of deep renewal and re-establishment would be hypocritical to propose only with my word if I do not serve it at the same time with my attitude.”