Thursday, June 20 2024

Turkey announces military exercises at the same time and location as Greece

With another provocative illegality, Turkey is trying to respond to Greece ‘s strategic moves that remind it who has the right to move in specific parts of the eastern Mediterranean and who does not in accordance with international law, Hellas Journal reported.

Suddenly, again, on Monday afternoon, Turkey issued new NAVTEX for a specific sea area south of Crete.

Its characteristics are that it will be officially valid from 08.00 in the morning on August 25 until 14.00 of the same day.

Officially, the reason given is naval exercises with allied forces.

“Turkish and allied navy ships will conduct maritime trainings at eastern Mediterranean on 25 August 2020 in order to promote coordination and interoperability,” said the Turkish Defense Ministry on Twitter.


The bottom line is that this is an area within the illegal Turkey-Tripoli memorandum , south of Crete.

It is on the Greek continental shelf, and the area it commits is adjacent to the area which the Greek NAVTEX has committed since the morning for major military exercises.

The map is revealing:

Turkey announces military exercises tomorrow at the same time and location as Greece 3

Turkey announces military exercises tomorrow at the same time and location as Greece 4Greek NAVTEX in blue and illegal Turkish NAVTEX in red.

The coordinates of the NAVTEX:

TURNHOS N / W: 1069/20



34 15.00 N – 025 43.95 E

34 15.00 N – 026 35.15 E

33 35.00 N – 026 35.15 E

33 35.00 N – 025 43.95 E


Greece beginning tomorrow is holding military exercises with France, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus.

Although it is likely Turkey will provoke hostilities, it is unlikely the Greek military or their allies are to be intimidated, especially off the back of significant Turkish military embarrassments.

After initially denying that the Kemal Reis flagship of the Turkish Navy that was illegally escorting the Oruç Reis research vessel through Greece’s continental shelf was significantly damaged by a Greek warship, a newly released photo ended Turkey’s fake news about the incident, as reported by Greek City Times.

The Greek frigate Limnos was watching the Oruç Reis from a safe distance, and the Kemal Reis, considered one of the best ships in the Turkish Navy, estimated that the 38-year-old Greek warship was planning to obstruct the navigation of Oruç Reis.

The captain of the Greek frigate, Lieutenant Captain Ioannis Saliaris, followed a steady course and continued the voyage to monitor the Turkish research vessel without changing direction. The Kemal Reis continued to approach the Greek warship.

When it was about 450 yards away from the Greek warship, the captain of the Turkish frigate had to according to international navigation rules give priority to the Greek frigate – but did not.

The result was that the Greek frigate collided with the rear of the Turkish frigate with its bow. The experienced captain of Limnos realized the intentions of the Turks. He held the engines, resulting in the Kemal Reis to pass in front of the Limnos without colliding as it had intended. And at that moment, Limnos went forward, hitting the Turks on their stern.

It also comes as five Turkish submarines were surrounded by Greek sub hunters just days ago and had a night of horror as the Greeks blared high sonar frequencies or had the Beatles song “Yellow Submarine” on repeat, tormenting the Turks who were stuck at the bottom of the Aegean Sea, as reported by Greek City Times.