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Twenty Greek Erasmus students 'stuck in Spain'; six later deny it

Six out of twenty Greek Erasmus+ students who were earlier on Monday reported to be stuck in Spain due to the banning of flights between the two countries told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) they were in good health and following directions for the coronavirus epidemic.

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According to Ioannina University Rector Triantafylllos Albanis, he told ANA-MPA earlier in the day he had informed Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias the same day that 20 Erasmus+ students from throughout Greece were unable to leave Spain.
The six said "we are in good health and following all directions, which are the same as those issued in Greece. They added they were not "stuck in Spain" and asked the media to stop referring to them as such, making their families worry unnecessarily.
Albanis had said the 20 went to Spain on their own accord, "despite several warnings against it by both Ioannina University and the Erasmus program itself." Most left in January and February, while 3 or 4 left early in March, he said.