Saturday, June 15 2024

Two people arrested for transporting heroin in Greece

Police officers in northern Greece arrested two people from drug trafficking after discovering more than 12 kilos of heroin in their car.
The suspects, a 33-year-old foreign national, believed to be a leading member of a bigger drug ring, and a 27-year-old Greek woman, believed to be a member of the gang, where stopped at the Malgara toll station, near Thessaloniki. 
During a car search, offers found 12 kilograms and 200 grams of heroin, packed in 25 packages, hidden inside the spare tire. The woman also had in her possession a small amount of cannabis. 
The investigation revealed that the 33-year-old man procured large quantities of heroin, which he stored with the help of his female accomplice and organized its transport within Greece and mainly in Thessaloniki and Athens.
The man is known to the authorities due to prior robbery convictions.
The two suspects are facing charges of forming a criminal organization and violating laws on drugs.