Wednesday, June 19 2024

UK Ambassador: Brexit will not affect the ties between Greece and Britain

The rights of the Greeks living in Britain are assured and neither the historic relationship nor the recent bonds between the two countries will be affected by Brexit, British Ambassador to Greece Kate Smith said in an audiovisual message to mark the UK's departure from the European Union, posted on the British Embassy's website on Friday:

"In a few hours, Britain is turning a page. With friends and partners at our side, such as Greece and the Greeks, we look upon the future with confidence and optimism. In previous years, in discussions I had, the Greeks did not hide their sorrow at Britain's decision to follow a path outside the EU. There was always, however, in their words, sincere respect for the popular mandate and a conviction that the depth of our historic friendship and the wealth of our contemporary ties, in education, culture, tourism, business, interpersonal relations, will not be affected by this development and, of course, I fully agree with this belief. There are many examples of Greeks who chose Britain for their second home, who participate and contribute to the social and economic life of Britain. Over 60,000 Greeks have already been recorded in Britain and we expect many more. And, of course, their rights are assured. Also, roughly 40-45 thousand Britons have built their life in Greece and actively contribute to your country. In a world filled with challenges and opportunities, Britain is preparing for a new, exciting journey. We are ready, we are determined. We continue to work together as equal, sovereign states with our gaze turned to the entire world and with a close, friendly and constructive relationship with Europe for a better, even more dynamic future for all of us."