Thursday, June 20 2024

Universities sound alarm over student occupations


Amid growing concern over the loss of exam periods, university authorities insist that classes must start immediately, calling on the small minority of students to end their ongoing occupation of faculties in protest at the government’s plan to institutionalize non-state institutions of higher education.


Over half Greece’s faculties are occupied, while students’ parents have reportedly contacted law firms to take legal action against the rectorial authorities.

“The exam period is hanging by a thread. This situation is the best advertisement for non-state institutions of higher education and the absolute degradation of public universities,” said Dean Glykeria Kakali of the National Technical University of Athens’ Chemical Engineering School.

A rectors assembly on Monday condemned the occupations, which are expected to continue until the bill is passed. New rallies have been planned for Thursday. 


The bill has not yet been released to the public.