Thursday, June 20 2024

Updated covid-free GR wallet application contains identity card


Citizens now have the option to save in the covid-free GR wallet application, in addition to the vaccination, disease or diagnostic certificates, their identity card.

According to a joint press release of the Ministries of Digital Governance and Citizen Protection, as of Tuesday, December 28, the new version of the covid-free GR wallet application is available on the iOS and Android platforms for mobile devices and tablets.

 The identity card contains details of the police identity card. Specifically, it contains: name, date of birth and photo. Therefore, wherever a coronavirus certificate check is required upon entry, citizens can now display their identity card through the application, but this will not be allowed to be scanned by anyone carrying out the check.

The aim of the initiative is to facilitate citizens and businesses in the process of checking coronavirus certificates (vaccination, disease or diagnostic test).