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US ambassador hails Greek acquisition of F-35 fighter jet

The United States, “at the highest levels,” welcomes Greece’s decision to acquire the American-made F-35 fighter jet for its air force, US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt said in an announcement on Monday.


“We have signaled our support for procurement and are working closely together on a future acquisition program, which would enhance Greece’s defense capabilities, ensure interoperability with US Armed Forces and improve regional stability,” said Pyatt.

He added that “all reports to the contrary are false and misrepresentations of US policy.”

“We take great pride in our defense and security partnership with Greece and work daily to advance that from strength to strength, including through Greece’s future acquisition of the F-35,” he said, adding that the acquisition of the jet is a “multi-year process that would naturally build upon the successes realized in Greece’s F-16 Viper upgrade program.”