Thursday, July 18 2024

Use of mask in enclosed public spaces strongly recommended


The decision for mandatory mask use will be made by the respective hospital infection committees, if deemed necessary. 

The recommendation for mask use in enclosed spaces and public transportation remains robust. 

Additional measures to boost COVID-19 vaccination and rationalize the use of antiviral drugs were agreed upon. No widespread mandate for healthcare facilities’ mask usage has been confirmed. 

Amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases, primarily driven by the JN.1 variant, compounded with influenza and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), an epidemic wave of respiratory infections has emerged. Experts anticipate its peak by late January to early February. 

The simultaneous impact of COVID-19, flu, and RSV during the holidays led to heightened demand in pediatric emergency units and long queues at pharmacies. 

Although hospitalizations have risen, ventilator use for COVID-19 patients hasn’t surged yet.