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Watch Greek citizens and border guards apprehend illegal immigrants crossing the borders at night

A video acquired by shows border guards working in tandem with local residents in the Evros area, as they detect, apprehend and hand over groups of illegal immigrants that entered into Greek territory to the police and military authorities.

The footage shows Evros border guards and groups of ordinary citizens assisting the army and police forces in the most inaccessible areas at the Evros River delta.

Livestock breeders, farmers and border guards go out on patrols at night until the early morning to track down any migrants trying to enter the country illegally and bring them to the Greek army and police.

Farmers switch on their tractor headlights at night in areas where any suspicious movement is detected on the border line and armed citizens in 4×4 vehicles move in if any illegal immigrants are detected and escort them to the authorities.

The footage was shot on mobile phone early in morning of March 3, at 04.20, shows a small group of men on a 4-wheel farm vehicle detect suspicious movements in the fields, in the area of the southernmost Evros Delta the outpost of Egnatia on the Greek-Turkish natural border.

The group is accompanied by an armed border guard with G3A3 weapon, while the others are carrying their hunting carbines in their hands. As soon as they identify the migrants, they order them to “raise their hands” and to fall to the ground. “There are many, be careful” warns the guard, while a citizen can be heard telling the others he will cal then police immediately.