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Water shortage and public health warning for residents in flood-stricken Central Greece

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The aftermath for the flood-stricken residents in Central Greece is gloomy. While many homes, including their whole life possesions, have been utterly destroyed, the residents who suffered the vengeance of Storm Daniel now face another disaster, water contamination by the dead animals and water shortage.

Eva Metis Koutoumanou

Public health officials in Greece issued an urgent appeal to residents in flood-stricken central Greece to avoid using floodwater for domestic chores due to mounting fears of contamination.

The floods have caused damage over 700 square kilometres (270 square miles) in Greece's central farming belt, according to the European Union's satellite and earth observation agency, Copernicus.

The floods destroyed homes and roads and left thousands of households without power and water for days. Fifteen people have died in the deluge while several thousand were rescued in a major evacuation effort that included the use of helicopters.

The Health Ministry issued a guidance calling citizens not to use stagnant floodwater for any household purposes despite ongoing shortages of bottled water.

"Bottled water must be used for all kinds of tasks: For our personal hygiene, drinking water, to cook, and even for tasks we have to do inside the house," Deputy Health Minister Eirini Agapidaki said.

Greece has appealed to the European Union for financial support to help flood-stricken people rebuild their homes and businesses and received, today, a support fund of 2.2 billion euros.