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Written exams for Greek citizenship to require B1 language proficiency

Foreign nationals seeking to acquire Greek citizenship will have to sit written exams and display a sufficient knowledge of Greek history, geography, culture and politics, as well as a sufficient command of the language, at a proficiency level of at least B1.

The written exams outlined in draft legislation submitted by the government to Parliament on Tuesday replace oral tests, which will now be possible only in special cases, including if the candidate has a physical or learning disability like dyslexia, or is aged above 67 years old.

Graduates of a Greek high school or university will also be exempt from the written exams.

The topics of the exams will be selected from a list of subjects that will be available to candidates online so they can prepare for the test. Candidates that fail to pass the first time will have the option of re-sitting the exam, for an additional fee.

Exams will be carried out twice a year for a fee of 250 euros per person and candidates will need to get a score of 80% or above to pass.

According to official figures there are more than 30,000 citizenship applications still pending, many of which were submitted several years ago.