Thursday, July 25 2024

Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens calls for immediate reopening of all Churches for worship

The Archbishop of Athens and Greece, Ieronymos II has called for the re-opening of all Churches, which had been shut down by order of the state in light of the Covid-19 restrictive measures.

In a letter sent on Saturday to the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Niki Kerameos, the Church leader requested the immediate opening of the Temples.

According to the letter, which is written in a strict tone and was authored after a decision was taken with the Sydod, the Hierarchs are asking for the Temples to be opened for worship.

The Hierarchs appear annoyed that the government allowed a mobile concert by Alkistis Protopsaltis, while recently having banned the procession of the Epitaph during the Holy Week of Pascha and Good Friday.

According to information, the Hierarchs consider that the Churches have been closed for the period of Easter, while now that the reopening of other services is gradually starting, such as the courts, the Churches should be included in the regulation of the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures.