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Church drafting letter to MPs on same-sex marriage


The legal adviser to the Hierarchy of the Greek Church is reportedly drafting a letter that will be sent to lawmakers regarding the legal ramifications of same-sex marriage and, according to well-informed sources, it will be completed after the relevant government bill is made public.


The Church believes the bill will pave the way for legal claims for surrogate pregnancy by interested parties.

A text on the issue of gay marriage will be read out on Sunday to congregations around the country explaining the Church’s stance. It will convey the message that the Church’s only allegiance is to God and for this reason its position should be respected, and that the Holy Synod cannot remain silent on the “political marriage of homosexuals… but must speak, out of love and charity for all.”


It will also reiterate that same-sex marriage is “a reversal of Christian marriage and the institution of the traditional Greek family.”