Thursday, June 20 2024

Holy Synod urges faithful to produce negative Covid tests at church entrance


In a new circular published on Thursday, the Greek Church’s governing body urged the faithful to produce a negative Covid-19 test before coming to church, as infections broke new records this week.


With the pandemic raging in the country, the government announced this week that unvaccinated people will need to produce a negative rapid or PCR test to enter banks, public offices, retail outlets, mixed entertainment venues and hairdressers — but religious spaces, grocery stores and supermarkets were exempt. 

The Holy Synod also reiterated the obligation of priests, cantors and church wardens to undergo two tests per week (rapid or PCR) noting that checks will be conducted by the Ecclesiastical Councils.


In a separate announcement on Wednesday, the Holy Synod urged the unvaccinated to get the Covid jab.