Sunday, June 23 2024

Jesus was Greek, not Jewish, explosive Amazon documentary says


Jesus was, in fact, a Greek philosopher who lived at the same time and was thought to restore life to the dead, according to a documentary.

Descriptions of Jesus’ life and the miracles he performed in the New Testament may have been mistaken for Preacher Apollonius of Tyan.

There are striking physical similarities between the two and there is more evidence that Apollonius existed.

The Amazon documentary, Bible Conspiracies, suggests that Jesus might actually be Apollonius.

The documentary does not dispute that Jesus existed as a historical figure, however, it claims that the person described in the New Testament as the ‘son of God’, who performed miracles and died on the cross, may have been based on Apollonius – not Jesus.

Apollonius of Tyan was born the 3rd or 4th year BC in Central Anatolia.

Both Jesus and Apollonius were preachers and supposedly performed miracles in the first century AD. They are both depicted as having long beards.

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