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NYPD arrests Washington Square Park’s squatting ‘Jesus’ after nude brawl

It was a Come to Jesus moment, of sorts, for the NYPD. After days of looking the other way, cops moved in Saturday night to arrest a homeless man who calls himself “Son of God Lord Saviour Jesus Christ” and who had taken up residence — often without the benefit of clothing — since May in the drained fountain at Washington Square Park.

Police finally cuffed and arrested the squatter, Matthew Mishefski, on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. when he began brawling in the nude with two other barely-dressed men, witnesses told The Post.

Some 12 NYPD officers responded to the scene; Mishefski was transported from the landmark in an ambulance.
Mishefski, 25, has told The Post he is from the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania and has said he’s autistic.

City authorities — including police, Parks Department employees and homeless outreach coordinators — hadn’t been able to convince him to voluntarily budge from his outpost despite numerous visits.

Over time, Mishefski amassed a collection of chairs, a pink recliner and a beach umbrella, all of which he kept in the fountain.

Observers gawked as Mishefski doffed his sarong earlier Saturday to savor a rain shower while in the buff as Parks workers looked on helplessly.