June 22, 2021

In House


In a pre-celebration meeting for the upcoming great event named “Sail to Freedom” that is set to take place this Sunday in New York City, Evageline Plakas, owner of Hellenic Daily News, honoured Louis Katsos for his offer to the Greek Diaspora of USA, by giving to him a prize by ngo “Olympos” for his lifetime contribution to Hellenic values!

Celebrating the Bicentennial of Greek Independence 1821-2021 in New York!

By Eva Fentouri

The Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, Inc. On the Historic Bicentennial Anniversary of Greece’s Independence, we would like to thank and praise all of those Brave Souls that Fought in the great struggle for Greece’s Independence after nearly 400 years of Personal Familial, Cultural, Religious, Linguistic and Financial Occupation and Oppression at the boot of the Islamo-Turkish Ottoman Empire.

The Ambassador of the MeTooGR Sofia Bekatorou talks to HDN

An exclusive interview to Lydia Spanou
English adaptation Eva Metis Koutoumanou

If the Greek MeToo could be represented with two eyes then the big brown eyes of Sofia Bekatorou would be the symbol of it. Those eyes with the grief in them, didn’t hesitate to look in the eye millions of people and narrate their story urging them to tell theirs. .