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xatziadam evzones1

When you talk for the first time with Dimitra Hatziadam, the renowned Greek photographer, who is intertwined with the beautiful images of our imperious Evzones, you immediately understand her passion for her work and her genuine enthusiasm for everything she does. In a full-length interview she talked to us about her career, her studies and what the Greek flag and the Evzones mean to her, whom, through her amazing photos, she traveled to every corner of Greece and wherever there is Hellenism around the planet.

βασιλισσα ελισαβετ νικος κουλουσιας

The internationally famous chef, Nikos Koulousias, who had exclusively offered HDN readers his recipes for the Holy Week; last Saturday put his gastronomic "signature" in the British Palace for the second time, after the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, preparing the dinner for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. A very important celebration since no other monarch in British history has achieved 70 years of service. And Queen Elizabeth chose Niko Koulousias to cook for this important occasion!

Lou Katsos interview

HDN file: Lou Katsos

The parade every year on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York is one of the most important institutions of the Greek Diaspora. It is important for the unity of the Greek Diaspora, it is important for us to remember and honor the heroic Revolution of the Greeks in 1821 and it is important for everyone to remember and learn, especially in America, how important this Revolution was, not only for the Greeks but also for all humanity.

 zelos maria

One of the first things that comes in our mind when we think of Greece, apart from the sun and the beautiful seas, is the good quality produce of the country; the olive oil, the herbal teas, the honey, the herbs. But how can we taste and enjoy these delicious and nutritious products when not in Greece? Ms Maria Kalomenidou, a Greek visual designer, foodie and art enthusiast, made it her job to select with true “zēlos” (zeal) the finest from the best Greek artisans and bring them to America.

jimmy demetro

Occasioned by the screening of the wonderful movie “Smyrna, My Beloved” which is taking place today, Friday 29/4, at the Directors Guild Theater and on Sunday 1/5, at Museum of the Moving Image, in New York, we spoke with Mr Jimmy DeMetro, the man who for fifteen years now is working relentlessly for a dream, to make the Greek cinema known in America.