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Κάστρο Λέρου
The Castle of Leros dominates the top of the Pitiki hill, at a height of about 200 meters above the sea, on the northeastern side of the island. It is also called the Castle of the Virgin Mary because according to a legend an icon of the Virgin Mary appeared from the sea on the island and was miraculously installed in the gunpowder warehouse of the castle between two lit candles, despite the efforts of the Turkish "aga" to remove it.

british royal

Greece and the Greek islands are among the top destinations for millions of people around the globe, the British Royal Family couldn't be an exemption. According to the "Town& Country" magazine, Greece is listed in the 7th place among the top 10 countries the British royals prefer for their getaways.

 couple greece

Sura Crutch, a recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, headed to Europe for three months, in the summer of 1971. She traveled around Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, soaking up the paintings, architecture and sculptures. In Athens, she met Haris Sevastopoulos. They were meant to be together for 50 years after that and still counting! Read about a true romance, like a movie, in Greece.