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On August 15, the Taliban captured the Afghan capital Kabul and declared the war in Afghanistan over. The lightning speed with which the group made major territorial gains as the Afghan National Defence Security Forces (ANDSF) retreated without putting up a fight shocked many.


For women and girls, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is terrifying. It brings back memories of their brutal 1996-2001 regime during which women were subjected to persistent human rights violations, denied employment and education, forced to wear the burqa and forbidden from leaving home without a male “guardian.”


Turkish authorities deported on Friday the head of the Pan-Pontian Federation of Greece, George Varythymiadis, who had travelled to the country to attend a special service at the Sumela Monastery in Trabzon on Saturday.


In what was seen as a message to Greece, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez on Tuesday ruled out the possibility of seismic surveys by Turkish ships in the area between the islands of Rhodes and Crete since last year’s exploratory activities by the Turkish Oruc Reis vessel had not yielded any results.