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13th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum - «Financing & Investments Spearheading Sustainable Growth»

 13th Annual CPL Sustainability Forum
The "13th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum" entitled «Financing & Investments Spearheading Sustainable Growth» took place on Thursday, June 8, 2023, as an in-person event, under the Auspices of Attica Region, at the Divani Caravel Athens Hotel.
In the last three years, unprecedented challenges and significant changes have turned everyday life as we knew it upside down. Companies and financial institutions adapted to their role in the economy and society while ESG criteria have become prevalent in business, investment and finance decisions, mandated not only by regulators but also by trading and business partners and society at large.
Moving towards a sustainable tomorrow is a significant challenge requiring the contribution of all actors so that mechanisms adopted can pave the way to a new approach in finance and the economy and society in general.
Sustainability is a key parameter for attracting investments. Applying ESG criteria is an increasingly important factor in the investment strategy of several companies all around the world. Businesses are required to comply with a number of new regulations regarding the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Criteria. Today more and more companies and investment funds are adopting programs or policies based on these criteria in an effort to increase profitability and improve their access to financing. Regulators around the world are engaged in writing and implementing new disclosure policies, while investors are pushing for more and more accurate information as they develop and improve ESG-based investment strategies.
The 13th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum, with the participation of senior representatives from both the public and the private sectors, taking into account new trends but also challenges for Sustainability, Financing & Investments, covered these crucial topics as well as initiatives undertaken in this context.
Corporate Governance: A Model in Full Development
Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Policies
Sustainability & Investment Priorities & Choices
Corporate Governance – A Prerequisite for Attracting Investments & Financing
Sustainable Financing & Responsible Banking
Sustainability: The Investors' view point
The Critical Quadrilemma
Sustainability – An Opportunity To Create Long Term Value
Mr C. Dean Metropoulos, Chairman & CEO Metropoulos & Co and Mr John Koudounis, President & Chief Executive Officer, Calamos Investments
13th Annual CPL Sustainability Forum 2
• Mr. George Patoulis - Regional Governor of Attica • H.E. Yannis Tsakiris, Deputy Minister of Development & Investments – Hellenic Republic • Mr. Dimitris Kazazoglou-Skouras, Group ESG Coordinator - Alpha Services & Holdings / Alpha Bank • Ms. Georgia Mourla, Chief Officer, Group Audit Executive – Athens Exchange Group • Ms. Reggina Aslanoglou, Chief Transformation Officer - ATTICA Bank •  Mr. Emilios Kyriacou, Managing Director; Country Officer Greece, Cyprus & Malta – Citi • Ms. Alexandra Palli, Vice President - CSR Hellas; Member of the Board of Directors - Hellenic Olympic Committee • Mr. Kostis Rokas, Managing Director – CVC • Ms. Katerina Ronga, Partner, Risk Advisory, Sustainability & Climate Leader - Deloitte Greece • Mr. Takis Solomos, Partner – Elikonos Capital • Ms. Aphrodite Avramea, Group Head of Strategy and Sustainability - ELLAKTOR Group • Enterprise Greece • Ms. Xenia Kazoli, Vice Chair of the Board and member of the Committee, ESED (the Greek Corporate Governance Council) • Ethniki Insurance • Ms. Kiara Konti, Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader - Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and Central Asia (CESA) – EY • Mr. Tassos Iossiphides, EY Greece Partner, Head of Strategy and Transactions. EY Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA) South Cluster Head of Strategy and Transactions. EY Greece Energy & Utilities Sector Leader - ΕΥ • Mr. Harry Sachinis, Chief Executive Officer – EYDAP • Mr. George Alevizos, Group Finance Director, Treasury, IR & Risk Management – FOURLIS Group • Ms. Antigoni Lymperopoulou, Chief Executive Officer - HDBI • Mr. John A. Apsouris, Group General Counsel - HELLENiQ ENERGY; LIG Chair, Fuels Europe • Mr. Vasilis Tsaitas, Group Chief Financial Officer - HELLENiQ ENERGY • Ms. Charoula Apalagaki, Acting General Director – Hellenic Bank Association • Mr. Athanasios Kefalas, Chairman - IMERYS Greece S.A.  & IMERYS Bauxites Greece S.A. • Ms. Dika Agapitidou, Founder & Director, MSc(Econ) MRICS - JLL-Athens Economics • Mr. George Tsopelas, Chairman & Managing Partner – McKinsey & Company, Greece & Cyprus • Ms. Elena Athoussaki, Head of ESG, Sustainability & Climate Change - Motor Oil Group • Ms. Ioanna Sapountzi, Head of the Group Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Division - National Bank of Greece • Mr. Nikos Polymenakos, Investor Relations Director – OPAP • Mr. Evrikos Sarsentis, Director, Head of Investor Relations and M&A – OTE Group • Papastratos • Piraeus Bank •  Ms. Theresa Messari, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer - PRODEA Investments • Mr. Evangelos I. Lakatzis, Partner – Saplegal - A.S. Papadimitriou & Partners Law Firm • SouthBridge Advisors AIFM • Mr. Kostas Lafkas, Partner – Uni.Fund • Ms. Stella Kasdagli, Co-Founder - Women On Top; Writer 
The "Capital Link Sustainability Leadership Award" is annually presented to one or more personality/company/organization for their contribution to society and for the elevation of Greece and the Greek culture globally.
The "2023 CAPITAL LINK SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP AWARD" was presented to Mrs. Vassiliki Lazarakou, JSD, Chair of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Member of the Board of Supervisors and the Management Board of ESMA, Member of the Board of Directors of IOSCO, Chair of the ESAs Joint Sub-Committee on Securitizations.
Mrs. Lazarakou was honored both for her impressive professional achievements - especially given her position at the highest supervisory Market Authority, a position of particular responsibility and significance, which by definition plays the most influential role in the field for the smooth operation of the market; and for her status as a representative of all women in the effort to reinforce the presence and recognition of the contribution of women in business, with the recent example being the provision included in the legislation to increase the percentage of women on the Boards of Directors of listed companies (Law 4706/2020 on Corporate Governance of Societes Anonymes). She is the first female Chairperson in 30 years that the Hellenic Capital Market Commission has been operating.