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18% of Greeks have Bitcoin and 40% support creating national cryptocurrency - Euronews Poll


Euronews has released the findings of a large-scale exclusive poll conducted by Redfield and Wilton Strategies across 12 EU member states. The survey reveals the attitude of European citizens towards cryptocurrencies and financial regulation.

Here are the main findings about Greece

·        61% of Greeks (eligible voters) think the European Union and its Central Bank (ECB) intervene “too much” in the Greek economy, while 14% say they intervene “too little” and 15% say “the right amount”. 

·        67% of Greeks think the country’s financial regulations should be determined by the Greek government, while 24% say they should be determined by the European Union. 

·        47% of Greeks have heard or read “a little bit” about cryptocurrencies, while 35% say they have heard or read a “moderate amount” about them. Just 12% have heard or read “a lot” about crypto. 

·        72% of Greeks do not own any kind of cryptocurrency, while 18% say they own Bitcoin. Moreover, 9% say they have Ethereum, 6% have Bitcoin Cash, 5% have Litecoin and 5% have Doge. (Respondents were allowed to selected several options).

o   Among those who do own cryptocurrency, 51% say they do it for the prospect of high returns. Other reasons mentioned are personal interest (38%) and “as a store of value” (33%). 

o   Among those who do not own cryptocurrency, 49% say it’s because they don’t know enough about it. Other reasons mentioned are “it doesn’t feel safe” (35%), “it’s too complicated” (24%) and lack of interest (26%).  

·        89% of Greeks have never used cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services.

·        40% of Greeks would support creating a national cryptocurrency specifically in order to assert monetary independence from the EU, one of the highest support rates among the 12 surveyed countries. Meanwhile, 18% would oppose such initiative, while 30% would neither support nor oppose it and 12% prefer to say they don’t know.

·        51% of Greek citizens would prefer if the Greek government had control over the regulation of cryptocurrencies, while 30% would prefer the European Union had it and 19% don’t know.  

You can find more information about the poll on our website. If you use anything information from this poll, please credit Euronews alongside Redfield and Wilton Strategies.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more data about the survey. Please find the methodology below.

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Conducted by: Redfield & Wilton Strategies

On Behalf Of: Euronews


Populations Sampled: Eligible voters in Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Spain

Sample Sizes: Estonia: 1,500 | France: 3,000 | Germany: 3,000 | Greece: 3,000 | Hungary: 3,000 | Italy: 3,000 | Latvia: 1,500 | Lithuania: 1,500 | Netherlands: 3,000 | Poland: 3,000 | Portugal: 3,000 | Spain: 3,000

Fieldwork dates: 4-10 August 2021

Interview Method: Online Web Survey

Language: All surveys were conducted in the respective national language of each country.

Additional information: Redfield & Wilton Strategies is a member of the British Polling Council (BPC) and abide by its rules.