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23rd Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum, in New York

NYSE Bell Podium Greek OB Photo 20220412 Press 2

Within the context of the 23rd Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum the New York Stock Exchange in cooperation with Capital Link organized a special ceremony in honor of Greece titled “Greek American Issuer Day at NYSE”.

Dr. Nikolas P. Tsakos, Founder, President & CEO, TEN Ltd. (NYSE: TNP) and Minister of Finance, H.E.  Christos Staikouras, rang the “Opening Bell”, starting the trading session on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, of the NYSE-New York Stock Exchange, accompanied by H.E. Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development & Investments, H.E. Nikos Papathanasis, Alternate Minister of Development & Investments, Private Investments & PPPs, H.E. Panos Tsakloglou, Deputy Minister of Labour & Social Affairs, Dr. Konstantinos Koutras, Consul General of Greece in New York, Mrs. Olga Bornozi, Managing Director – Capital Link, Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, President of Capital Link and the representatives of NYSE listed companies, Mr. Τed PETRONE, Vice Chairman, NAVIOS GROUP  –  Mr.  Michael BAKAS, Executive V.P, AMERESCO – Mr. Christos MEGALOU, Member of the Board, SAFE BULKERS Inc. &  Chief Executive Officer of Piraeus Bank, Mr. Christos Balaskas, Vice President & General Manager – Greece, Eldorado Gold Corporation.

John Tuttle, Vice Chairman & Chief Commercial Officer, Intercontinental Exchange | NYSE - The New York Stock Exchangewelcomed the Greek Delegation and the listed companies and highlighted the long standing relationship between the New York Stock Exchange and the Greek and Greek-American business communities.